• A Local Business is a Social Business

    Communities are social and so are your customers

  • Overwhelmed By Social Media?

    Let us do that for you.

Spending too much time (or not enough) on social media?

Let us do that for you.

Grow Your Business

Attract new customers to your business through social media.  There’s no secret formula to growing your business on social media, but it can be time consuming and tedious to constantly make new updates and login to multiple sites to share content about your business.  Is the most recent post on your Facebook page from last year?  Good news: Likeforce can take care of the chore of maintaining an active presence for your business on social media, letting you get back to what you do best.

Be Seen Online

Did you know that businesses with an active presence on social media show up in web search results more frequently than those who don’t?  Not only does an active social media site increase your company’s visibility in search, but it also makes you visible to the billions of users logged into and searching social media sites every day.  By maintaining your active presence on social media, Likeforce helps build awareness of your company and builds trust with your customers.

Save Time & Money

By now you’ve figured out most of your customers and future customers are on social media, but you just can’t seem to “crack the code” or find the time to make social media work for you.  Well now you can get that monkey off your back and get Likeforce taking care of your social media headaches.  Likeforce makes it easy and affordable to maintain an active presence on social media without sucking up all your time and energy.  With affordable social media solutions from Likeforce, you will spend less time and money and see faster, better results.


of consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social media site. – comScore

What we do:

We are experts at marketing your business online.  We hire and train career-oriented college students to create and manage successful social media campaigns.  Using professional tools like editorial calendars, high-end graphics and photo editing software, advanced analytics, and by listening to your feedback, our social marketers can meet your business objectives on social media.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation social media assessment, and we can help you start developing a plan for your social media activities.

  • How are you seen online?

    What does your Facebook page tell potential customers?  Have you posted to Facebook recently?  Looking “dead” on Facebook could send a signal to customers that your business is not successful offline as well.

  • Is your brand growing?

    Do you know if new people are being introduced to your business on a regular basis?  Are you leveraging the power of your existing customers to spread the word about your business?

  • Are you or your employees wasting time on social media?

    Avoid the headaches and time-drain of maintaining several social media sites at once.  Rest easy knowing that interesting, informative content is being broadcast regularly on your social media channels and attracting new customers.

  • Can you reach a larger audience for less money?

    Facebook and Twitter have over 1 billion active users on their sites every day.  Likeforce can target your social reach to specific audiences in your city, or help you build awareness beyond your local region.  When compared to the costs of print ads, billboards, radio and other traditional media, social marketing reaches more people, more frequently for much less money.

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